Owners: Kathleen Munday and Calvin McGuire
Turon, Kansas

Home Of Majestic Shelties


Based here in Turon Kansas (about 1 hour west of Wichita), Majestic Shelties strives to breed AKC Shetland Sheepdogs or as we call them, Shelties. We breed for personality, temperament, size and color. All our shelties are indoor/outdoor and they sleep in the house at night in their homes (crates) or on the bed. All puppies are born and raised in the home and are raised with other dogs, puppies, kitties, bunny, family, extended family and grandchildren.

We offer a variety of color splash in our breeding program and we offer, sables, tri's, blue merles, sable merles and sometimes a bi black or a color headed white (CHW). Please refer to "Color Page" to see all the different colors. Merles often have "marbled eyes" or "glass eyes." Arabella's eyes are dark with blue in them and Lilly's eyes are bright blue and marbled. 

We believe that our shelties should have the best temperaments and be viable for you and your family. So many people are backyard breeding therefore making for a yappy, nervous, unsocialized and nippy shelties. Please be aware there are these breeders out there just looking to make a fast buck and they DO NOT breed for the shelties natural characteristics. We breed almost all of our shelties on the smaller end of the ruler. The standard is 13 to 16 inches at the shoulder. Almost all our shelties are below 13 inches.They ARE NOT "toys" or "miniatures" as there is NO such breed just a smaller sized sheltie.     

As puppies start to grow we start to socialize them with littermates, people, cats, vacuum, children and other dogs and puppies. I will also start to potty train them as well with doggie pottie pads. They will have their first shots and four wormings before you bring your puppy home with you.  I DO NOT sell my puppies before 8 weeks to make sure they are WELL socialized and ready to move to their forever homes. 

WE WILL DELIVER to the Wichita area to make it easier for our adopters. This is up to the adopter of course.  

If interested in adopting;

CONTACT US: 316-880-2995

TWITTER: majesticsheltie

WEBSITE: www.majesticshelties.com